Have you wondered where the Black pearl comes from????

Black pearls are among the most magnificent creations of nature. They are fashioned in the turquoise lagoons surrounding the islands of French Polynesia. They are often considered to be the offspring of Tahiti and are therefore known by the name of Tahitian pearls. These pearls are formed by pearl oysters, the Pinctata margaritifera. What makes them unique is their natural black color. Most of them are not actually black, but mostly dark gray or silvery, some of them have an olive-green hue.

black pearl1

Due to these complicated hues, the imitations of black pearls are easily recognizable and consequently very few. This makes the dark Tahitian jewels more valuable.

True black pearls are extremely rare. The very shell of the oyster and its mother-of-pearl insides are very beautiful themselves, which explains why they were almost brought to extinction in the early 20th century.

The cultivation of black pearls is an important branch in the economy, tourism and culture of Tahiti and a big part of the lives of its people. This is why it is done under extremely high standards and quality control.

Jewels derived from the sea have long been a part of legends, the object of songs and the topic of poems. For centuries Tahiti and the isles around it have had the reputation of a mythical paradise. Tahitian black pearls are considered a symbol of purity and perfection. Long before they were discovered by the western civilization, these dark jewels were revered as a sign for nobility and beauty.

black pearl2

In imperial China, the black pearl was defined as a symbol of wisdom. Being so, it was guarded by dragons, who wore it between their teeth. Hindu writers associated the pearls with clouds, elephants and snakes. In the Orient pearls were thought to be the tears of angels, mermaids or the mythical villas. In Ceylon there is a popular legend that tells of a lake created by the tears of Adam and Eve. The pearls found in this lake were white or pink – they came from the tears of Eve, and the nobler and rarer black or gray pearls were thought to be born of the manly tears of Adam.


Accessorise your life

Accessories have no age limit. Regardless of whether you are a young lady who has just reached adulthood or an elderly woman, accessories serve as a highlight for elegance and an expression of your inner self and your personal aesthetics.

accessories (2)

If you pay attention to the details that can give a new twist to your outfit, then you are at least a little vain and prim in your own special way. And this is not a flaw! Quite the contrary!

Accessories and jewellery are absolute attention-getters and not only for male attention. Decorating your fingers with alluring rings, clanking with massive bracelets or tinkling with gentle ones, playfully twirling the chain which hangs on your graceful neck, clasping a belt around your thin waist or dotting your clothes with shiny brooches – all this says “I will be tempting you.”


Accessories emphasize your natural allure, but this is not their only purpose. They are so much more than that! Accessories are also a testament to a person’s social status; this is why many ladies tend to buy theirs from renowned designers such as Coco Chanel, Ralf Laurent, and jewellery from Tiffani, Cartier and Bvlgari. Expensive shoes, belts, wrist-watches, cell phones, wallets, purses and decorative elements are a symbol of higher fiscal ability and power. In tribal communities, the one wearing the most jewellery was the chief. ACCESSORIES3

Today we still have our own tribal communities. We call them social groups – family, friends, professional environment, fan clubs, etc. Subconsciously we want to stand out from the crowd, to be noticed, to attract attention and to be liked. Detail-oriented people tend to have a better self-evaluation and more self-esteem.

Many women fall in love with a certain accessory based on nothing more than emotion, because it is a gift from a loved someone, or because it was worn during a certain special time in their life. Accessories are the completing touch for every outfit. With them you can highlight the beautiful forms of your body or draw attention away from minor defects. They are the magic wand that can transform the most boring old outfit in your closet and give it an original new look. They are not like clothes, which can become improper as you advance in age.


No matter how old you are, you can feel beautiful, elegant and exquisite with the right accessories.

A little trip around the world

oaktree man and womanoaktree name


South Africa’s Oaktree, exclusive to Stuttafords

Stuttafords is South Africa’s only true department store and it is home to the exclusive Oaktree brand of sophisticated, designer ladies wear. Oaktree is only available at Stuttafords stores, countrywide and it is a locally made brand of clothing with a true feeling of its South African roots. Fashion conscious consumers have become to finding a unique range in store which includes feminine embellishments, sensual fabrics and subtle textures that have come to define every Oaktree collection.

oaktree accessories

Both men and women are offered an opportunity to receive  items designed with style and originality, using imported fabric. Each Oaktree garment can be worn as a stand-alone piece or it may be worn with an existing wardrobe for a trendy or sophisticated look.

The Oaktree range is manufactured to the highest standards and outstanding quality at attractive prices.

The Oaktree garments are created with a commitment to detail, resulting in timeless pieces reflecting a perfect fit and true elegance. The Oaktree range is designed to fit all shapes and sizes and is available in sizes 32-42, which makes it the perfect addition to anyone’s fashion collection.

oaktree manoaktree accessories2

Oaktree is an established range which offers the consumer something a little different.  Oaktree allows the sophisticated shopper to experiment with new international fashion ideas without being a slave to latest craze. Slightly eccentric and often quirky Oaktree represents a chic interpretation of fashion for the snappy dresser who enjoys the finer things in life. It could be graduation ceremony of a grandchild, a high pressure executive meeting with an overseas contingent or an after-hours rendezvous with someone special or it could be a day out at the races or a lunchtime celebration at a neighbourhood restaurant.

Oaktree has created a range of garments to fit any occasion – from ultra chic to daytime elegance.


lv logolv woman model

France’s – Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is the world’s most valuable luxury brand. Its products include leather goods, handbags, trunks, shoes, watches, jewellery and accessories. Most of these are adorned with the  LV (Louis Vuitton) monogram.lv bag

It is one of the most profitable brands in the world.

Louis Vuitton is worn by both men and women. Louis Vuitton sells its products through standalone boutiques around the world in high-end department stores and the e-commerce section of the website.

The Louis Vuitton clothing range is designed for the smaller figured individual, their sizes from 24-34. LV accessories are designed for the sophisticated and elegant man and woman.

lv manLV accessories man

Louis Vuitton has created a range to suit any elegant occasion, whether it be day or night


levi logo


United States of America’s – Levi’s Strauss and CO

The Levi’s brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. Since the invention and patent of riveted clothing, Levi’s jeans have become the most recognizable and imitated clothing in the world, capturing the imagination and loyalty of their consumers. And while the patent has long since expired, the Levi’s brand portfolio continues to evolve through a relentless pioneering and innovative spirit that is unparalleled in the apparel industry.

levi womanlevi man

Levi’s has to date designed ranges for men, women and kids. The Levi’s range designed for the casual or smart casual look and designed for all shapes and sizes and it is available from size 26-24 for men and women. Levi’s kids range are designed for infants, toddlers and children ages 6-16.

levi kids 2

levi kids 1




So whatever the casual occasion is, Levi’s will have an outfit for you!


fashion marketing


To, all the glamorous fashionistas and trendsetters, this is my first blog post.

Modern Coverage Marketers is coming along slowly but surely. This will be a journey filled with beauty, glamour AND style!

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I hope you love it as much as I do.

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